It all started when Hare Raven met Drum Beard, playing self penned tunes, with unkown chords and phantom beats, Stream was founded alongside the Nashoba Brook in West Concord. 


Wake is a collection of songs, written to shake off a personal blight - realizing it's all a dream of empty backyards, sweet smiles and falling leaves - weaving thru a world of electronic obsessions, blind pursuits of more and the ever increasing complexity of everything - to a dip below the surface, an end to the war, a letting go of the day to day and waking to the beauty of it all. 

Harry Bartlett: Guitar and vocals

Derek Beard: Drums

All songs written by Harry Bartlett

Recorded in 2013 at WellSpring Sound by Eric Kilburn in Acton MA. and at Le Cave in West Concord, MA.